New with Two questions....Thank you!


Jul 13, 2010
I am new with a couple of questions. I am a mom of five and my life is insane so I don't get to frequent many message boards although I have always been a fan of LV and other designer bags.
So I will explain this situation and hopefully the questions will be clear.
I used to live in Paris with my French ex-husband so I amassed a fairly decent collection of designer purses....many of which I bought at high-end resale shops. The shops I frequented were well known and reputable so I know that I do not have any purses that are not authentic.
Well, I now live in a pretty small town in Colorado and not a really affluent are either. So I feel like I get a fair amount of negative looks when I carry one of my most practical bags which is an older LV monogram (don't think I am supposed to name it? not sure?). I see many clearly counterfeit around here but that is usually all.
So I decided to sell it on Ebay. I do not have experience selling designer goods on Ebay since I prefer to hang on to those things. However, as I said I feel conspicuous so I thought maybe it was a good idea.
Well the lady who bought it emailed me and said it was not authentic. She told me that the stitches were not perfectly even in certain spots, that the pattern was not perfectly lined up, and that under magnification the monogram was fading at the edges. She said that these were a few of the things that "jumped out" at her right away.
I told her to return the bag and did not argue as I felt like she was going to be difficult no matter what. I am wondering if that was the right thing to do because I am worried about my feedback even though I will not try selling this type of item on Ebay again.
I don't know if I can name where I bought the bag....or what it is not for sale. Anyway I am just going to keep it because I like it! But I am confused and upset by what happened.
So I guess my questions are general thoughts about the attention generated by monogram bags and the correct way that the Ebay situation should have been handled. I have sold many other types of items and I was really surprised by some of the questions and comments I received about the listing even though I was careful to be very specific and include detailed pictures.
I hope that these questions are posted in the correct place and not overdone.....I appreciate your insight as you all clearly know your stuff!


nyan nyan percent
Oct 19, 2005
Hiya and welcome, I'm moving this over the eBay forum as I believe the ladies there will be able to better help you with the eBay portion of your question.

You can also do a search in the Louis Vuitton FAQ section regarding your question about stitching. If you are unsure about the authenticity of any of your items, you can also post your photos in the authentication thread to confirm.

Jan 6, 2010
From what I read on here, there are times that buyers have issues, no matter how cordial a seller is with them. You did the right thing in my opinion to take the purse back before she could cause any further issues. It may just be that, like you said, it is an older style purse and this person was expecting brand new and just used those things as an excuse to formulate a return (or a possible claim of SNAD, significantly not as described) against you. Or it may just be a difficult buyer. There are many other frequent posters here who can give you a lot of advice if you do choose to sell again.

PS, you don't need to feel bad about the things you own, in my opinion. Don't let those negative looks get you down if you'd like to carry your LV purse(s) :smile:

My one piece of advice if you do sell your LVs again, either point the potential buyer to the LV Authenticate This thread here if they are unsure, or tell them they can use the services of Carol Diva (for a fee).


Jul 13, 2010
thank so much for replying!
I am not sure I will try to sell anything again. I don't need the money and some of the potential buyers were really stressful.
The city whee I live has such a strange dynamic. I don't know how to explain it but we are moving soon and I am really glad.
I don't feel bad about having nice things, I guess I am just self conscious. I get enough comments about having so many children lol.


May 13, 2010
:tup:I agree with Sowingseason-you def did the right thing by accepting the bag back. Sometimes it's not worth the hassle.

Although I thought the onus was on the buyer to prove it was fake not the seller to prove it's authenticity??? I could be wrong here and I'm sure one of the other members will know the answer.....:confused1:

It can't hurt to put on the bottom of listing about TPF then buyers have the choice to use it and gain some peace of mind iyswim (not that I'm implying your items arent genuine)

Good luck :flowers: