New with defects??

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  1. I won an auction on a Coach purse that was described as "new with defects". I got it today, and I think it was used. I can't say for sure, but that's the feeling I have.

    I got it for $70 + $25 shipping. I think the $70 was OK, but the shipping seemed a bit high, but whatever.

    The seller was very honest to mention the obvious defects - it was missing the crossbody strap and it was missing one of the 3 hang tags - neither of which I cared about.

    But when I inspected the bag closely, I noticed some small black marks on one of the hangtags, and the bag just has that look that maybe it was used a couple of times and the seller ended up not liking it or whatever. It's not "fresh" for want of a better word.

    I did leave 5 star positive feedback, because she did ship immediately, and overall the bag is in very good condition and I'm totally loving it, and would much rather pay $70 in this condition than double that or more for a perfect one, so all in all I am happy.

    So I don't really know what the point of this post is other than to say I wish she had described it as "EUC with defects" instead of "New with defects".

    I have a feeling someone less easy going than me would have given her some headaches over this and tried to get some money back or something. It definetely isn't a SNAD - unless the S stands for "SLIGHTLY not as decribed" instead of "SIGNIFICANTLY not as described". :P

    Anyway thanks for reading my pointless post, I just felt like I needed to share that.
  2. i can understand the "new with defects".

    imagine buying a coach bag that is brand new but you are buying the display. obviously the display may have imperfections on it, compared to the one fresh from the stock room but i guess it is still technically new.

    also whenever you buy stuff from marshalls or tjmaxx, some of the designer items are slightly irregular but are straight from the manufacturer.

    regardless, i guess the seller should've mentioned the marks if that is what upsets you the most
  3. maybe she had bought it from the outlet, sometimes they are missing pieces. I am glad you are happy with it! but yeah she probably should have mentioned the marks.
  4. Well it also had no tags, no dust bag, no box, no Coach care card, etc. I'm not upset at all, I think it's just more a point of doing a more accurate listing. Now she did also mention no dust bag, so she was up front about pretty much everything, I just think calling it new was incorrect. If you are going to call something new, it should have some newness to it - like the tags with it (even inside in the pocket) or the care care, dust bag, something, kwim? I don't think she was in any way dishonest, and I would buy from her again in a heartbeat, it just comes down the a more accurate listing.
  5. Sellers aren't always completely honest. I, also, would appreciate it if the item were described as EUC. My experience is that if the tags are already off, anything goes! On the other hand, some sellers describe "faults" in such excruciating detail, that I can't see them no matter how hard I try. The former type of seller gets feedback describing the flaws which weren't disclosed (so far nothing bad enough to be an actual SNAD).