new window display

  1. hi guys,

    Saw the new LV window displays this morning.

    The brussels store focus on denim, pearl vernis and damier items and new spring women clothes.

    i was happy to see how the denim and damier pattern work great.

    The window background are light blue with blurry pictures of travel trunks and luggages.

    It's very fresh and i'm happy to see again great bags and accessories display (the window in brussels was mainly buzzy with the eye see you lamp).

  2. I wish valley fair had RTW :sad:
  3. let me check my store in Hong Kong tomorrow!
  4. Nice, as of yesterday- the Portland store still had the lamp up - which is cool, but...
    They did have Vernis bags featured in the main window. The Pomme is just so striking.
  5. I want to have one of that lamp. In general I love LV displays...
  6. Nice to see a fellow Belgian on tPF :yes:
    I'm going to Brussels tomorrow, so I'll be staring at the new display :drool:
  7. As of last night, my boutique has alot of damier (esp. Saleyas of all sizes) in the windows. Looks very pretty :smile: