New white suhali arrived w/ lipstick on it!


Feb 10, 2006
Hello all,
I just received my new white suhali l-epanoui GM from elux today. Upon examining it, I noticed that there was a smudge of pink lipstick on the side rim of the purse! I couldn't believe my eyes. It was only about the size of a pencil eraser, but nonetheless, it was there. I had no lipstick on, nor was I near anything remotely stainable. Well, I immediately wiped it off and tried baby wipes as well, but you can still see a shade of faded pink, at least I can. I tried to ignore it, but it just really bugs me. I waited to see what my DH thought, and he too said that he could see it, only after I mentioned it.
I hate that I'll have to return it, but I'm wondering if I should return it and get the same color, or just get black, knowing how anal and paranoid I am, especially now. I'm soooo dissapointed and shocked that it came this way! My luck.


Mon for short
Mar 28, 2006
Suhali leather is so easy to keep clean, even in white. Have you ever tried the Apple Conditioner? You should try that to clean off the smudge. Assuming it's lipstick. If the Apple conditioner doesn't remove it, then it's something else (not lipstick, maybe pen or marker?).


Perhaps, Love?
Feb 25, 2006
SunnyKat said:
White Suhali L’Épanoui GM is so beautiful!:love: I hope you can clean that smudge.

I agree, I think the white Suhali is just DEVINE! black is definitely a safe color, but when you're getting a Suhali, why go with safe? I also saw a coworker with a geranium (red) L'Épanoui and it's gorgeous, too!

I hope you get lipstick stain out though! can someone explain what is an apple conditioner?



*flower power*
Jan 27, 2006
return and and get another, or ask a LV boutique to send to you.

if it were me, it would bug me (even if I got it all out), knowing that 1) it was a returned bag and 2) the stain used to be there :P