New white shopping bags

  1. What does everyone think of the new white shopping bags? They are the same style as the new catalog and have the canvas embossed onto the paper. I like them, though they are much more casual in feel than the gold ones. I like the web handles!
  2. I like them... i think they are cute! it goes well with the christmas theme... i love how they change the styles of the bags every so often. Keeps it freshhhh. I think my hubby threw out all my gold bags :tdown: Now it makes me want to save at least ONE bag from each style. Hmmm... i might have to start doing that!!!
  3. ^you're right! the bag will look great under he xmas tree!

    i strangely have a thing for bags.. and shopping bags! i never throw the ones i like, haha! i think the new bags are pretty neat, though i like the gold one a lot more :yes:
  4. oh my gosh!!! i do exactly the same thing...i keep all of my shopping bags. LOL i just have a thing for them....they look so sophistacated! hahahahaha :nuts:
  5. I think they're adorable! The SA who helped me at SF said they're the holiday bags so snatch them up since they're seasonal!
  6. i like em but i like the gold ones more :smile:
  7. I like the white ones!
  8. oooooh thanks for the info lorenzo! it'll be perfect when i come down to the Union Square store and pick up my sale purchases this week.
  9. i like them i think it nice