New white purse *pics*

  1. Look what came today?! It's my new white purse! I wish I knew more about it. The eBay auction said it's new and white, but there was no tag with the month and year. I got two of the tags, but not the important one! It's actually not stark white, it's more of an ivory (which I'm glad about--had nightmares about a giganto, stark white bag looking blobby). I was afraid the size may be too big, but it's not. I've included a pic comparing the purse size to my city size. The leather is veiny and shiny on the front (which I love, BTW), and the back is smooshy and non-veiny. But I don't mind. I am not picky about stuff like that.

    In looking through tPF archives, I could not find anyone with a body shot of this color purse! So I've included a bunch of pics in case someone in the future happens to be looking for some. :smile:

    Hope you enjoy my new white purse as much as I do!
    purse10.jpg purse12.jpg purse16.jpg purse5.jpg purse6.jpg
  2. Here's more.
    purse7.jpg purse9.jpg purse11.jpg purserivet14.jpg
  3. congrats! She's a beauty
  4. Congrats:yahoo: love it.
  5. Congratulations!! Of course I love it, I think white bbags are totally TDF beautiful!!! It looks great on you !! :yahoo:
  6. LOVE IT! Best Bbag style IMO!
  7. Oh that looks really good on you!!
    I had a White Purse but exchanged it for a City, mine did not look that good on ME!

  8. Here's another. Doesn't look like it showed up when I tried to post it earlier.
  9. I LOVE it. I think I might have gotten that if I had seen one in person. I am going to get a white city. I love the white bags. Enjoy it! Love your lilac city too, btw.
  10. Wow... I didnt realize how big the purse was!

    Its bigger than the city...?

    I think I'll be getting me one of those
  11. Wow gorgeous bag, the white looks great! :yes:
  12. oooooooooooh!! Lovely!!! :love: You wear it well.

    angelie, your avatar is killing me!
  13. I cant stop looking at the pics...

    I'm on a search now - for a PURSE!
  14. Lol
  15. The purse is a bit bigger, both in width and height.

    The dimensions for the city are: (h) 9.8in x (w) 15in x (d) 5.5in / Strap Length: 24.5in

    The dimensions for the purse are: (h) 11in x (w) 17in / Handle Length 17in