New White GST or White Accordian Flap?

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White Accordian Flap, White GST or 3rd option

  1. White Caviar Accordian Flap

  2. New Caviar White GST with Silver HW

  3. Black Caviar Accordian Flap

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I don't have a white bag, because I can keep it clean and white for about 3 minutes. However, with the new caviar, I have hope that I can keep my white clean!

    So please help me decide...the new White GST or the new White Accordian Flap. Here's why my decision is so hard...

    1) I already have 2 GST's (the new pink one and the new beige one)

    2) Flaps are harder for me to wear because I usually need to just "reach" into my bag and with a flap, you can't really just reach in

    3) I like the possibility that the accordian flap can have a skinnier profile if I restrain from stuffing it - the GST is sturdy so it won't collapse into your body when you wear it, know what I mean?

    4) I have not seen either bag in real life but reading feedback from folks, the Accordian has a grayish tone and the GST has a ivory tone. Frankly I think I prefer the warmer ivory tone.

    I'm so torn...your perspective would really help! Thanks!
  2. I love love love the accordion flap! I've seen it IRL and I'm not sure I would say it has a grey-ish tone to it. I think you should branch out since you already have 2 GSTs.
  3. I vote for the Accordian, especially since you already have TWO GSTs!
  4. I would also go for the accordian. I think the GST is gorgeous, but you already have 2! -and perhaps the grey tone would be a nice mix up to your GST colors, which are already "warmer" toned. KWIM? And since you don't prefer flaps, perhaps this would be a good "in-between" since it still is a flap, but very roomy?
  5. I normally prefer the GST style, but in white the Accordian is gorgeous! I've seen it last weekend and it took a lot of control not to say "ring it up" lol!
  6. i will vote for accordion flap. You have 2 GST and accordion is very roomy. You should try it!
  7. Probably u need to add a flap to your current collection since u have two GSTs. I will vote for the black accordian flap~~
  8. I was going to vote for a white GST, but I saw you already have two of them. You should get a white accordian flap then. :yes:
  9. My vote is also for the accordian flap!!!
  10. I voted black Accordion, the new white is too stark IMO, not a pretty shade.
  11. I voted for the white accordian. Saw it IRL yesterday and loved it!
  12. white accordian
  13. white accordian flap! haves it & loves it:love:
  14. I love the white accordian flap.
  15. thanks for all the wonderful feedback I'm still miulling between black and white accordian.,.