New white City ultimate smooshiness......

  1. :yahoo: When I touched this bag, I had to have it! My mom ordered it, I begged and showed her the rouge that I had for her for Christmas and we swapped. :yahoo: She asked Jumpei at Aloha to pick a good one for her and either he did or all of the new whites are like this. Seriously, this leather is really thick and smooshy. Far more than the pre-fall bags. My black that I just got is smooshy but nothing like this one. I wish it was daytime so I could get some accurate photos, but I took these tonight. Of all of the bbags I have, this one is the one that really made my heart flutter. I wish you ladies could feel this bag. SO THRILLED!
    These pics are with flash, and some of them came out pinker toned. It is not pink at all and but it is not as stark white as some of the other seasons. I LOVE :heart: :heart: this bag!! :yahoo:
    pic334.jpg pic339.jpg pic344.jpg pic345.jpg
  2. Wow, the leather is so beautiful! Congratulations, it's so cool that both you and your mom love b-bags!
  3. Thank you. I am so excited, this leather is incredible. My Mom likes all bags so I wonder where I got my addiction? :lol:
  4. Powderpuff,

    That is just about the most beautiful white leather I have seen! I have been waiting for the part-times to come out in white. I sure hope they get the same batch of leather! :yes:
  5. Thank you. Isn't it a beauty? :heart: :heart: I wish that you could feel it. I was seriously blown away when I saw and felt this bag.:yahoo: I am so excited!
  6. Congrats, powderpuff!! :yahoo: Your white city is such a beauty! :heart: You took great pics - I especially like that last shot. I can almost feel how gorgeous the leather is on it!! :nuts: :nuts:
  7. Wow, that looks really pretty! It looks really soft too! Congrats, enjoy it!
  8. Wow this is seriously one the nicest Bbags I've seen on this forum! The leather just looks so good and I love white! Amazing!!! :love:
  9. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    what more can I say?
  10. I LOVE your bag! :nuts: I want one just like it. Congrats!
  11. Congrats, powderpuff!! :yahoo:
    Your white city is such a beauty! :heart:
  12. I never get tired of looking at beautiful b-bags!...this one certainly is no exception. I'm not a fan of white bags but, I could be now!
    Congrats Powder!
  13. :love: 0o0o0o beautiful!!! Congrats powderpuff100 :yahoo:
  14. Congratulations!:yahoo:

    I have bought a white city with 06fall leather three weeks ago, and I must say that I have more or less had the same feeling, but I didn't say anything since I have never seen ab-bag from the early years and I couldn't do any comparison.:confused1:

    I have attached a picture of my own white city FYI.:shame:
    my white b-city x tPF.jpg
  15. Congrats powderpuff your white city looks yummy, so gorgeous!

    trama turgo Yours is gorgeous as well, congrats too!