New white city bag

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  1. Returned my Chanel jumbo black flap bag. Thought it looked a little old. On the way out of the mall saw a beautiful white Balenciaga City Bag which I purchased. Question, is the zipper supposed to be so long, past the sides of the bag on both sides, and what do I do with it?
  2. yup..the zippers are like that. it's personal preference what you do with them. you can either have them hang the way they are or i have seen some people tuck it into their bags, but it makes it difficult when you want to open the zippers.
    congrats on the new bag!!
  3. I have also have a white city and I love it
  4. Yes, they are supposed to hang over the edge like that. I didn't know that either when I got my first city and thought that was weird. Now I like it.
  5. Congrats on your white city! :wlae: I just leave my zippers hang.
  6. Congrats on the new B bag:smile: ...bummer you didn't like the Chanel:s ....just curious, did your flap bag have the silver hardware or gold ???? I think it makes SUCH a difference. I think the gold makes the bag look "older". I have one with silver (that's why I'm asking:p )
  7. Congrats!:smile:
  8. :yahoo: Congratulation on your white City Bag:yahoo:
  9. Congratulations. :yahoo: The white City is sheer perfection. One of my favorite bags. :love: Did your Chanel have silver or gold? It think the gold is older looking but I love it with the silver. The gold and black was a little much for me. I got the white with silver and I love it. But I love my white Balenciaga City more.
  10. Congrats and yes the zippers are supposed to be like that...
  11. Congrats!