New Whiskey Legacy Shoulder, hmmm.

  1. I'm not sure I like it... I wore it yesterday all day but I fear I'm not in love with it. What do you gals think?
    Anyways whether or not I don't I can't return it now because I removed the tag and wore it, alas! I guess eBay will have to give this lady a new home. I might try to just find last years shoulder again. That one I knew I loved!
  2. Woops!
    coach1.jpg coach2.jpg coach3.jpg
  3. i like it! what r u second guessing about it?
  4. She's pretty but if you dont love her then dont keep her. Are you sure you cant take her back? I took the tags of a bag of mine, wore it around (the house only) to test her out, realized she was not for me and returned her with no problems. They did not even mention the tags, I did. I told them I took them off and they said no problem. Maybe call and ask your store. Did it get anything on it? Maybe they will do a credit? I dont know for sure, pretty new to coach.
  5. No it's still new. I have a return receipt, but I get so eager for new bags that I tear the tag off as soon as I open it. I might give them a call this afternoon tho to make sure. =)
  6. I LOVE your Legacy wallet!!!
    I would go with the bag I really loved.
  7. Oh she was so sweet! She said I absolutely could return it and called me cute lol! I think I shall tonight, now I need to figure out what to exchange it for!!!
  8. Wow! She definitely holds a lot!
  9. Wow! That's great to hear. If you don't like a bag, it's best to take it back. And honesty always pays! If you tell them what happened, they're often happy to do whatever they can to help you get the right bag. Let us know what you decide!
  10. Now that is the hard part...deciding what to get instead....I always have a hard time doing that.
  11. Too bad you don't like it, I love the color and the styling is cute. I agree that the old shoulder design was better, though. Congrats on being able to take it back without issue!
  12. Well they said they had 1 Legacy Shoulder in Whiskey they just got in. They said it's new but it's on display so I'm going to have her hold it for me so I can come take a look at it. If it's in good condition I might just have to get that instead. =) I was also thinking about the new Legacy Flap in whiskey. I dunno if I'm bought on it yet.. I can't decide!!!
  13. Candy, Coach's return policy states that merchandise must be new and unused to be eligible for return. You should probably mention to your SA that you wore it for a day to see if they will still allow you to return it.

    Coach Return Policy
  14. Yeah I mentioned it and she said as long as it was still in new condition it would be ok. =) She said she'd take a look at it when I returned it.
  15. ^That's good. I always figure it's best to be up front about stuff like that.

    BTW, it's a beautiful bag - sorry you don't love it!