New Wedges - Keep or Return?

  1. I just bought these wedges from the Designer Shoe Outlet. Now that I have them home I'm just not sure about them anymore. What do you think? Do they look good on me? Should I keep them or return them?
    Andreas Pink Wedges.jpg
  2. Definitely a return IMO. The heel part is just too weird for me. BTW, you have really nice legs. HTH.
  3. Ditto :yes:
  4. I agree with melikemochi...the heel is a bit weird. And you do have great legs!
  5. ^^^ What everyone else said!
  6. Co-signing...
  7. Return.
  8. The heels are weird, but I like them. You got them at DSW? What brand are they?
  9. Return.... to weird looking
  10. return
  11. I would return them.
  12. Return them. I like shoes that have a fun spin to them, but not feeling the heels on this one at all.
  13. return for sure!
  14. Definitely don't like those. Sorry.
  15. DITTO above