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  1. lol @ Christian's ears! and those eyes are little creepy 2...
  2. #3 Jan 30, 2009
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    Thanks so much for posting. It is a cute site. I love that he doesn't take himself so seriously, it's a fun site.

    I wonder whose head that is on the worm with the blonde wig?

    I love the Spartenvol in lizard, it is going on my must have list.

    You have to check out the signing events - Stinas makes an appearance as well as some other tpf ladies.
  3. haha! Better than the last!
  4. lol I saw this earlier as well
  5. Wow! I thought I was going to be old and unable to use the internet by the time I saw this! Thanks for posting!
  6. WOW Purly, that is some serious shoe porn

    I thought of Jet when I saw those Black and white summer wedges
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    yay!!!! thanks for posting! :smile:

    I love all the videos they have posted.
  8. Thanks for letting us know!

    Turquoise suede Rolando?? Uh oh...

    Jet, looks like a true red Decollete to me...
  9. About time!!!!! YAY!!!
  10. have you seen the video of the 2008 NYC Saks signing? Any TPFers there? :nuts:
  11. I want those Marie Antoinette's, the Dillian's, and the Lim Adona in red! Those are hot shoes!
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    The CNN interview is very interesting, I wonder if business will continue to boom for him as the US and other parts of the world continue to delve deeper into economic hardship.

    The old pictures are awesome too. Lots of great content on this site. I don't think that I am going to get much work done today.
  13. Oh I'm so glad the website is finally up and running....I've been waiting for sooo long, I almost forgot. Is is me or are VP's & Miss Boxe's no where shown in the collection? Can someone direct me where to find them?
  14. LOL, its so funny where it's a mosquito w/ msr's face on it lol