New Way to Carry Rockstud Tote

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  1. Usually you see it with the “wings” out. I crisscrossed the shoulder strap over the opening to make it appear more square and make the “wings” stay tucked in.

    Maybe this is old news and has been shown here before??
    I know people try to tuck the wings in, but I wasn’t sure that crisscrossing the strap to keep them there had been shown.

    782E814A-C738-416B-8153-ADB4ECF69E28.jpeg 09E60753-2CB9-49D6-AE0A-9A4D3EDCE49F.jpeg B6BA719F-EAC1-496E-9E17-24E428BAF244.jpeg 2E86C393-85F2-4F68-8931-8D7C172DB1DB.jpeg


  2. I love this! This bag is at the top of my wishlist. I actually almost pulled the trigger on one that was recently on sale at net a porter, but it sold out before I could get it.

    Seeing the versatility of shape you’ve shown us, makes me want it even more! Thank u for sharing :biggrin:
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  3. Nice! I haven’t seen this before. I’m gonna try it on mine. Thanks for posting.
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  4. Good luck in your search, jbags07!
    I have seen them on sale pre-loved for as low as $600 in excellent shape. I remember seeing one recently in a bright pink and another in bubblegum pink that I thought were nice for $700.
    What color are you looking for? I can PM you.

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  5. Absolutely love that color
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  6. Thank you gettinpurseonal :biggrin: Just saw ur pm, and I am on FP right now drooling! Looking at the pink and the black...gonna post on the authentication thread. Really want to buy but leery of FP with all the fakes they’ve been selling, according to several TPF threads....hoping they are authentic!
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  7. What a great idea! Cant wait to try it!
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  8. Thanks for sharing. That’s also a good way to keep the bag less open. I never used the strap on mine, but now I have a use for it if I need it!
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  9. Yes, it does add a bit more security as well!
    And you can fasten the “buckle” over the strap.

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  10. Lovely bag! Gorgeous color!
    I do a similar thing, only with a chain strap that I clip on to “cinch it in” a bit.

  11. Exactly, which is one of the reasons I usually don’t bring this bag on vacation: it’s too open. An Epsom Kelly on the other hand... if they manage to unstrap it and get in without me noticing it, they deserve to get what’s inside of it lol especially at times when the flap is laying against my body. Good luck!
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  12. Great idea Molly0. Thanks, I will use that too!

  13. I have a Togo Kelly 35 which carries a lot. But it’s not as easy to put over my shoulder, as the strap is too thin. Ive been looking for a nice replacement strap.

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