New Wave WOC insta-reveal

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  1. Update - new one came in, and it's much better :smile:
    I also ordered the little strap that goes with the love lock wallet as a repair piece to add onto it!
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  2. That looks much better. I like this piece.
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  3. Yay!! Purse Peace!!
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  4. That's a great idea! Can I ask how much the replacement strap was? I might do that too.
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  5. $124? Something in the $120s. It’s this one
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  6. Looks much better! Yay! Btw, could u include a what’s in your bag pic? If possible that’d be great! Thank u!
  7. The answer is... not much LOL. That's a regular iPhone X
  8. Yikes, so nothing in the zip area except cash or receipts?
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