New Wave WOC insta-reveal

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  1. #1 Feb 15, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2019
    I've been waiting on a leather WOC (why does LV make so few of these?) for a while and my SA kept saying to wait for the new wave one that was coming. I've never really cared for the new wave except in smaller pieces, so I was unsure.

    Apparently it came out recently and my husband snagged one for Valentine's day (the only one my store got in)! It's suuuuuper small - it was bascally full with my chapstick, iPhone, and car key; it also has card slots and the chain is removable. The front alignment is super screwy, but the other new wave pieces in the store (red and green) were like that too, so who knows. It doesn't really bother me, so my TPF card may need to be revoked.

    9C8E2B5C-2B63-430C-ABE8-09B6D3E90B12.jpeg B020039B-150C-4B1E-A41F-B724CBC5BA03.jpeg
  2. Congrats! I purchased the red one in Paris in January as well but hadn't seen them in the US. Was looking for a red wallet and thought the chain might add some functionality. Hope you enjoy!
  3. Lovely, congrats!
  4. I’ve been eyeing this one too! But omg! The LV logo on almost every piece is slanted! I noticed this with the locker pieces too! Do u think you’ll use it much since it holds so little?
  5. Sometimes LV along with other luxury brands like to let somethings be like that to make the pieces more individual and have more of a hand-made essence. For example, a favourite of mine Mont Blanc, hand assembles each logo to be put on leather pieces and even states on their website that the logo stamping is done by hand and the craftsmen are allowed to take artistic license when placing it. I would assume the same is true for this specific bag because none of them look identical, I personally like this individuality of the bags as it makes one aware that the bag one is using was not made on some large assembly line.
  6. My SA actually requested a new one to be shipped in, so we'll see what it looks like. Like the post above this one, I don't mind the uniqueness of it, as long as it's not just LV being sloppy.
    I'll use it a lot I think - the strap can come off so it can be a pochette or nighttime bag. And it's so soft!
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  7. This is such a nice gift. I love the look of this bag but it did not work for me.
    I tried this bag on last month and the interior was so tiny. I also did not like how the alcantara lining on the flap of the bag already had ridges on it. I know that is common for these types of bags but I would expect that with wear not on day one. I did like the versatility of being able to wear as a waist bag too. I passed on it because of the price, size, and that I already have three CC WOCs that I also wear as a waist bag/cross body.
    Enjoy your new lovely bag.
    0A4CDFC8-A570-4391-98EA-8C2BBDFEB635.jpeg 652B2CAC-DFA0-403F-B781-CDE56F2BBFF1.jpeg
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  8. I’m still contemplating between this one and the empriente woc. I wonder which will hold more. The opening on the empriente one looks wider.
  9. I have a twist one and it holds a bit more.
  10. Seriously, you believe this? :biggrin:

    Unless the person making the bag is blind, there’s no excuse for this sloppy placement of hardware.
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  11. Very cute! I hope you’re happy with the new one coming in.
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  12. Thanks! I'm happy with the original, but it's nice of my SA to try and find a better one.
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  13. It’s gorgeous, and so cute. But I understand that it doesn’t fit much so can be a deal breaker too. None the less hubby is so thoughtful, and that’s all that matters. Gorgeous vday gift
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  14. Yes, I do, leather work is a hobby of mine so I understand what goes into it, even a task as menial as stamping or placing an emblem is not really as simple as one would think, you would use either a hydraulic press or a hand press and both still must be aligned by hand. Mont Blanc, the brand I was specifically referencing has been making fountain pens and leather goods for about 100 years and have always had the emblems on both inserted by hand in the same fashion, not all hand work is lost when the big brands grow.
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  15. I mean you think it's deliberately bad workmanship so people can see it's hand made.