New Watch

  1. I recieved the Vuitton newsletter today it's mostly old news but there is a new watch pictured I thought you might like to see it so here you go.

    What do you think?

    Sorry pics a bit rubbish
    new watch 7.jpg
  2. I got the same news letter, its SOOOOOOO much $!!!
  3. if i had the budget to buy it, yes please! but i will just drool from now on
  4. Wow i love it.
  5. That is gorgeous! I wish I could afford one! ;)
  6. Nice!!!
  7. I got the email too...what a beauty!
  8. HOw much does it cost??
  9. it's beautiful. i also like the pearl ring that was on that newsletter, but for the price of that ring, might as well have a diamond in the middle!
  10. It's pretty.
  11. Goregous!
  12. It's pretty but something tells me waaayy out of my budget.
  13. What is this newsletter u guys r talking about??? I have never heard of such a thing! :confused1: would someone forward it to me please ??:wlae:
  14. send me your email & I'll forward it
  15. Whoa that watch is stunning! I wish I could afford to get one haha.