New Wapity and Bandeau......

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  1. Mc Wapity and perfo bandeau finally arrived. I love the wapity, it is so cute: I might have to get one in the black too:P
    IMGP3854.JPG IMGP3858 (1).JPG IMGP3861.JPG
  2. OMG!!! SO NICE!!! CONGRATS!:love:
  3. beautiful!!
  4. Great choices! Enjoy.
  5. 0o0o0o love your new pieces!!! yeah get a black MC wapity too! its SO cute - just like your white one! enjoy your new LV pieces!!! thanks for sharing!
  6. Very nice! :yes:
  7. LOVE the bandeau- gorgeous! And your musette is beautiful too.
  8. your wapity is too cute!! I really want one now!!!
  9. Gorgeous....[​IMG]

  10. Very cute, congrats!
  11. OMG, its so cute! Congrats.:biggrin::yes:
  12. pretty!
    get the black MC too

    is it $480 AUD for the wapity?
    as i'm thinking of getting one (or two) too
  13. Yes, it's $480 AUD for the MC wapitys, I don't know how much the mongram ones are.
  14. Love the bandeau! Congrats on some great buys!
  15. The wapity is darling!! Congrats on your purchases!
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