New Wallets

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  1. I have not bought a Mulberry wallet in a while and was considering one of the new styles. I ordered a couple from .com but when they arrived I was somewhat disappointed.

    Firstly the hardware seemed so small and cheap compared to that on the older style which is the brass style.

    Also the inside and the leather seemed a bit plasticky.

    What do others think and does anyone have one of the new style purses?
  2. I have tree continental wallets.
    And a french purse, with front plate.

    Saw new ones.
    To be honest, all new coca print-assisted leather looks plasticky to me. And no tree.:shocked:
    Plus, new wallet configurations--pockets, slips, etc.--seem less useful & easy.
  3. I agree - the new leathers just look and feel plasticky to me. I really don't like the print-assisted leather - it makes it all look like it belongs inside a car, not on a bag.
    The crossboarded type that is supposed to look hand rolled IMO looks dry and like it is cracking (but that's just my opinion - I might be wrong). Like this one:
    Picture below is of a new Bayswater.

    I was told in the Westfield store that the hardware has been made lighter. I personally think that makes it feel cheaper. I guess there are some people who like it because it makes the bags and purses easier to carry.
  4. I have the new continental wallet with gold lettering on the front and love it!

    This is my fist mulberry purse but I think it's lovely :smile: