New wallet

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  1. I just purchased this wallet from the Saks sale! I've been wanting to get it for while its too cute with the crytals. (And my credit cards keep falling out of my current wallet - so not good).

  2. Love that style! Congrats!!!
  3. I love that wallet, I was tempted as well. =)
  4.'s beautiful!
  5. Awesome wallet!!!! :drool:
  6. I had that in my bag and tryed to check out 5-6x but just wasnt in love with it! hehe....I wish it was in LEATHER and not nylon. Plus, No pics of what it looked like from the inside.
  7. ^^^
    Its lined in leather with credit card slots. The measurements on the Saks site look way off, but I'm assuming its the one I've seen in the store.
  8. Was this on sale (hope, hope)?
  9. Yes.
  10. Congrats.