New wallet!

  1. I finally got my new wallet in the mail! I love it! Its alot bigger then my other one.I got it on sale for $140!! I got a plastic thingy around it. I was wondering if it was a dust cover? Maybe someone can fill me in on that. Anyway onto the pics!


    Of course I had to take a pic of the box! haha

  2. Great deal! Do you have a picture inside?

    That plastic wrap is just a wrap, the dustbag is in canvas and brown color.
  3. very nice... congrats!!! :tup:
  4. Very cute, congrats!
  5. What do you mean the wallet itself or the box?
  6. nice wallet!!! weren't there a lot of good deals for men's wallet during the sale?!? :nuts: i got hubby his 1st gucci wallet for Xmas. I can't take pics right now coz my SA got it all wrapped up nicely and I don't want to ruin it. LOL congratulations though!!!
  7. Inside the wallet, I know how the box look inside :p
  8. i was going to buy that wallet during the sale online but it was sold out before i could grab it :sad:

  9. Sure! haha sorry for only one side for each pic but It wouldn't stay open for me to snap a full shot! haha

    That sucks. Actually this wasn't my first choice. I was eying another wallet for a few months then I saw it was on sale but I was going xmas shopping all day so I was going to shop then come home and order it. When I came home it was gone. So the next day I went online and saw this and jumped on it and I'm glad I did!
  10. good taste!!
    LOL the inside of the box - beejerry that is funny......
  11. says like napoleon dynamite "LUCKY!"
  12. Should have gotten one for my DH! It can hold a few credit cards, very nice! Use it with good health!
  13. Ok so I am new so what does DH and SA mean?
  14. SA Sales Assistant
    DH... eh I do not know extacly but it basically means husband or boyfriend

    There is a whole thread translating these.... it's mad. Don't visit it unless you have half a day to learn them all!!! The only ones I use is LOL and IMO...
  15. I thought DH was dear hubby