new wallet

  1. Hey everyone,
    i am looking for a new wallet and just cannot decide which one is good for me.
    I usually have long wallets, but i have noticed a lot of people on this forum have the LV french purse and i was wondering , if it holds a lot, is it very durably because i like to keep a wallet for quite some time, and how is that wallet in the vernis?
    I really would like some suggestions on some wallets from everyone.
    Thanks for all the help!!
  2. i have the mini-lin snap and billfold. i love it! it does get thick though. not sure if you mind that
  3. I feel that would be too small for me , thanks for the suggestion it is very much appreciated!!
  4. I love the Zippy wallet.
  5. The French purse is a great wallet! Anything LV should be very durable and last for many years!!
  6. I have a Zippy in Epi and Porte Zippe in monogram. Love them both!
  7. I love long wallets and the Eugenie has everything for me: 12 CC slots, ID slot, 2 long slots for bills, coins, everything!!!!!
  8. I recently purchased the pochette wallet (mono) and LOVE it... I went from a coach french purse to this one and have not regretted the purchase for a second....
  9. please get the MC porte tresor. They are so beautiful with the hardware & the color combo.I just lost mine so now I'm saving up for another one...uggghhh :shrugs::shrugs:
  10. I have the mono pochette wallet. I absolutely love it. I also liked the look of the French Purse but in the end bought the pochette. I will tell you why. The coin section of the French Purse is huge. And it is harder to get in and out of the bill section. If you live in Europe where euros are used then you would probably prefer the French Purse.... more space for the euros. I think that Europeans would find the French Purse more suitable for their needs. We Americans use a lot of bills.... and credit cards.... the pochette can accomodate your needs much better.
  11. I have the Eugenie, because I can never find a wallet with enough card slots (no, LOL, not for just credit cards!) I just love this wallet! Since I got it I haven't even used any of my others. But if I go out in hte evening and have a small purse, I will switch to a small wallet (not LV - the Eugenie about blew my wallet budget for the next few years!)
  12. I had a french purse but I like having a space to put my receipts and other things in so I got the pochette wallet in MC.

    I love the pochette wallet! I love the 2 slots in the front and the zipper change compartment.
  13. I have a mono zippy wallet and love it!!
  14. And I have a LOVELY MC ZIPPY from a lovely TPFer ;););)
    Zippy and the Pochette wallet are my FAVES!
  15. the pochette wallet, I am not sure exactly which one that is for some reason is it like the porte tresor?