New wallet... too matchy-matchy?

  1. Am looking for a new wallet (to replace my red Kate Spade) and love the Ergo French purse in black. I took a photo of the items I normally have with me -- and if I get the wallet, they will ALL be black.

    Think that's too much? I want a wallet I can use with anything but I tend to love the black/white mini sig. I even have a few handbags in black/white mini sig, too. :yes: I don't want overkill...

    Opinions welcome! I just can't seem to make up my mind and my hubby is sick of hearing about it. If you don't like it -- which one would be nice to get?

    Here's the wallet:


    And here's my stuff (bad lighting and DD jumping on the bed didn't help matters much!):


    group1.JPG group2.JPG
  2. I ALWAYS match all of my stuff. I don't think it's overkill at all! :yes:
  3. I think you should break it up with a pop of color again. Like the Turquoise wallet. :yes:
  4. If you LOVE the wallet, get it! There really is no right or wrong here-it's all a matter of what makes you happy. BTW that is a nice wallet! :smile:
  5. I like for my things to match also.
  6. I'm a matchy-matchy kinda gal! I say go for it!!!
  7. I'm another one who likes pop but I don't dislike matching either. Depends on my mood. I say if you like it go for it!
  8. Totally depends on your taste. I'm not a big fan of matching accessories and prefer to have brightly colored wallets (it makes it easier to find it when you're digging through your purse!)
  9. I adore matchy-matchy! haha It's an interesting choice since it's the opposite of what you've already got. Instead of the leather down the middle, you've got sig. :smile:
  10. looking at your small make up case kind of trips me out because i have it too and have never seen anyone else have it....i use it everyday too..hehhehehe. still tripping me out when i see it in the picture. i say go for that black and white one that you've posted. it isn't overkill.
  11. just go ahead with what you like. it is you who will carry those bags.
  12. Stick with what you would like the most. I like color and sometimes I match, it depends on my mood. If you love the black then go for it.
  13. Thanks for the replies everybody! I am going to get it -- been looking at it since it came out! I just hope it IS the black/white signature strip and not the black/black one as someone pictured in the April Purchases thread... will call a store and make sure first. :yes:

    I obsess over this kind of stuff!

    aquablueness - that little cosmetic bag is my favorite accessory!!! I love it! It holds so much!
  14. I purchased this wallet at Dillards, but the sig is black on black. Also saw this combo at Macy's, it must be department store exclusive. I love the wallet!

    I an OCD about matching, though. I have a black large Ergo tote and several black on black signature bags.
  15. I'd say whatever makes you happy =)