new wallet question

  1. I just got my red epi and :heart: it. I'm scared to put in my credit cards and driver's license in the slots. I know it's stupid and I have to, but I just don't want to stretch it out at all, it looks so perfect. Please tell me that the slots never stretch out and look nasty like cheap wallets do. I will take pics and post my loot tonight.
  2. Yep. I'm scared to use my new vernis zippy wallet too. I imagine we'll eventually get over it, but man, i don't want anything to happen to it....

    might just take some time... I'm totally with ya... Epi's probably better than vernis though. I think I might have more to worry about than you.. lol.... good luck!
  3. well.. they're made to hold more than one card in each slot max of like 2 or 3 per slot.. however, i only put one in each slot to prevent the stretching/etc like cheap wallets do/have. i can't fathom the thought or image when i hear of people saying a "6 card billfold mens wallet is really a 12 card holder, or 16 card older" WTF!! i'll get a separate credit card holder for that purpose thankyouverymuch!
  4. My french wallets are well used, I have three. The card slots were extremely tight at first and have stretched a little (I've had one wallet for two years and I change wallets with purses) I've notice NO "sloppy looking slots" thus far and that Amex card slot gets a real workout! lol!
  5. I think you should be fine if you put 1-2 cards in each slot. I have 2 epi wallets and they look great after 1-2 yrs of use.
  6. The slots do stretch a little (esp. the slot you use the most). Notice how the top one is wider that the other three.
  7. ugh. LOVE that mandarin!!!
  8. What a beautiful wallet Irene! I would never dream of putting more than one card per slot! :nuts:
  9. i always put 1 card on each slot, it might stretches a little, but i think epi is a strong wallet :P
    don't be afraid to use it girl
  10. i have a damier wallet and after a year of using it..the slots hv stretched a bit (they were SOOOOO tight when i first got the wallet as a present) but the wallet still holds up the shape VERY well! maybe cuz it's a damier..
  11. I usually put 2-3 cards in each slot of my vernis PTI wallets and they're fine. Just don't try cramming every card you have in the slots and you'll be fine. LV made the wallets to use and made them durable so don't be afraid to actually USE them. They'll hold up.
  12. My mom put around 3 cards in each slot of a pti MC. It ripped, that was a sad sight. Because the mc only has 4 slots, two on the lf and two on the rt. The upper lf ripped into the upper rt, making it one LONG slit. Just be careful.
  13. they stretch a little but they don't get sloppy....
  14. i have the epi pti, but i only have my school id and my dad's cc so iunno
  15. Like people have said.. the wallets are made to be put to use! The slots do stretch out a bit, but like a good pair of jeans.. I think it just does it enough so that you don't have to struggle every time you want to take a card out of your wallet!

    I think as long as you're reasonable about how much you want to try and stuff into each slot you should have no problems! Right now I have a 6 card wallet (so 3 rows, 2 columns) and I put one card in the top two rows and 2 cards in each of the slots in the bottom row without a problem.

    You can probably tell as you're inserting the cards whether you're being reasonable or whether you're pushing it. If it's difficult and you feel like you have "jam it in" then you may want to consider not putting that extra card into the slot.

    I've had my accordion wallet for about 2 years now and no issues! (and I've been known to accumulate so much stuff in my wallet so that it's like a "george wallet"!)

    Besides if you put it to use, then you can stare at it lovingly everyday! :P