New wallet or new purse? :)

Wallet or Purse

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  • Goyard Wallet

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May 18, 2014
I've decided on a Givenchy Pandora box since I've been eyeing it for a while now. I would get the mini. But I've also desired a wallet and I would get a Goyard wallet. I can't have both but I don't know which one I would get. I'm in college so I use a backpack everyday and purse on the weekends/breaks ect but I feel that a wallet won't be seen as much as a purse. I haven't bought a purse in 3 years and I bought a YSL wallet last year, which puts me at 2 wallets. Thanks for all your opinions everyone~
Sep 30, 2008
Boulder, Colorado
Sounds like you have two nice wallets and its about time for a new purse. Think of the bright side of having to use a backpack during the week...your new bag will stay pristine for a long time. :smile: