New wallet needed..what color to get???

  1. I am going crazy trying to decide on a new wallet, and I need your help!
    I currently own my 5 year old mono PTI, and I feel like it is time for a new one.
    I would like the wallet to match both my mono bags and my blue denim baggy.

    What color would you suggest??? I do love the zippy wallet in vernis, but can't make up my mind on the color. :s

    All suggestions are greatly appreciated!
    Thank you!!
  2. Ok I suggested this before but I will do it again
    GET the PTI in white suhali that let-trade has right now is new and below retail, will match your bags and is beautiful
  3. Maybe the Myrtille Epi? I think any color would go with mono and denim though.
  4. Oh I agree with Traci, the Myrtille epi would look gorgeous with denim and mono!

  5. Ooh...I like this idea.
  6. The white suhali is gorgeous!! The Myrtille epi I would have to see it in person at the store, it does look pretty though.
    Does anyone have the vernis? Any reason not to get it?
  7. Zippy wallet in Vernis in framboise!
  8. Agree with the framboise it goes great with mono and will contast brilliantly with the blue denim

  9. great idea!!! it sounds :drool: TDF!!
  10. I like the Myrtille Epi too.
  11. I like the white vernis.
  12. Actually I have the pomme d'amour pochette wallet in vernis and I love it. The darker colors really hold up well and I don't even worry about it.
  13. Azur... or sth. Epi.
  14. Thank you everyone! Its such a hard decision.
  15. epi in black.