New wallet + my LV wallet collection

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  1. I bought the pont neuf wallet today in the marine rouge colour. I wanted to see the interior of this wallet because I couldn't find any pictures online. But at the same time I was secretly hoping they have sold out of this colour so I wouldn't buy it .

    Wow, what can I say!! It is absolutely perfect, holds alot but doesn't feel or look bulky. It has a very interesting configuration of the 15 card slots - 6 on back wall, 6 behind the front with 3 in the centre. It has 2 large bill compartments, a slip pocket in the middle (where the coin compartment usually is) and another slip pocket at the back where I will keep receipts.

    I love the zipper pocket at the front, its such a cute design feature with the key bell. I don't know yet if I will put coins in, I am not scared at all as I always put coins in the coin compartment, but depends on if it gets too bulky. So will see about this one.

    This is the most expensive wallet I have ever purchased, but really this little piece is everything I have asked for and it is definitely different than most wallets out there (exterior and interior) 1477819592094.jpg

    Will be posting more pics shortly :smile:

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  2. A quick pic taken in my car after I swapped out my wallet (couldn't wait!)

    Just happened to pull out my Idylle speedy to use today and the Cerise cles I have had for 2 years (it holds all my keys)


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  3. Interior shot 1477820662437.png

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  4. 1477821593887.png

    This is my entire collection of SLG, I have sold the Denim Amelia and ZCP vernis. Vernis business card holder not pictured.

    Top - Milla, Curieuse in Aurore (I love it, got the Aube for mum, but the coin pocket annoys me)

    Middle - old Sarah in Vernis Rouge Fauviste (its too bulky so I don't use it), new Pont Neuf in Marine Rouge, Emilie in RB (this is nice and slim, I use this when I travel, too small for everyday use)

    Bottom - Compact Curieuse ( love love love it, also use for travel or when using smaller bags) Cles in Cerise, mini pochette

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  5. Thank you for sharing this picture. I asked in the clubhouse as I only just saw this reveal thread. I will definitely be checking out this new style and the Sarah. I bought the Compact Curieus wallet in June this year but intend to sell it so that I can get a full sized wallet instead. Your Marine Rouge PN wallet looks absolutely gorgeous!
  6. .
  7. *edited that bottom left is Secret compact not Curieuse compact

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  8. This is amazing, it fits so much and I don't have to worry about babying it at all. The snap closure is underneath so it doesn't discolour from pressing.

    So spacious and card slots are not tight. I moved right into it and it just feels phenomenal, so comfy and not stiff or tight if you know what I mean :smile:

    Definitely check it out!!

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  9. I'm so glad to hear you are happy with it. Nothing beats buying something and it works well for you. I love my compact curieus wallet in Empreinte so much that I bought an Empreinte key cles thereafter. I also had a DE pocket organiser for loyalty cards. I am really enjoying my Empreinte pieces but find it a little cumbersome to carry three SLGs. I figured a full size wallet might work better for me and the fact that I rarely change out of wallets meant I need to sell the compact curieus and if I need to downsize for a smaller bag, then use the key cles and DE card holder instead. I was originally looking at the Sarah wallet but looks like this PN wallet is gorgeous too. I do store coins in the zippered compartment so I will need to see how it works out in the PN. Excited to check and compare both wallets next week.
  10. Congratulations on a great purchase! I adore the marine rouge pieces.
  11. Fabulous marine-rouge Pont neuf wallet! Congrats, ElisiaKay!
  12. Your wallet looks great. Congratulations!
  13. Gorgeous!
  14. Congrats on your new cutie and great wallet collection!! Thank you for all the photos and details about the interior! :smile:
  15. congrats, that wallet is stunning. Maybe I want the compact in marine rouge.