New wallet for me :)

  1. MC Koala... I like the style so much that I might get this is Mono Canvas as well :P



  2. Yay! Best wallet ever!

    I know what you mean, I would get another Koala wallet as well. Tempted to get the Damier Azur Koala in the fall!
  3. Very nice :smile: Congrat's
  4. Gorgeous!!!! :tender:
  5. Oh, beautiful. Looks like it holds just the right amount of items too.
  6. So pretty, congrats!
  7. Sabs - it is so pretty. I love the lock on it!!
  8. Well .. I guess it's off-topic

    for those who has Koala wallet.
    Do you plan to use the coin pocket (I don't know what it called)?

    I'm curious becase I had one wallet similar style and I use the coin pocket, and it ruined the leather and the shape of the wallet. :crybaby:

    If no one plans to use the pocket, why would they design the wallet to have the pocket. Or, just because it makes the wallet cuteeee:yahoo: , not for actually putting coins in it.

    I don't know .. maybe it's just me. I didn't know better. :shame:
  9. Very nice wallet.
  10. Nice looking wallet.
  11. Very cute, I've been wanting this one for a while too !
  12. So beeeauutiiiful! I love it! congratulations!:yes: :love: :girlsigh:
  13. I always put coins in the pocket of my Koala. It's held up just fine. What kind of wallet was this that had its shape ruined by coins?? I mean, I don't STUFF it with quarters, I put a reasonable amount of change in there.
  14. SO CUTE!! congratulations :smile:
  15. Lovely, congrats:yes:
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