New "Vuitton" Totes Available Online

  1. Check out these funky totes!


    [I]January 8, 2008
    Fake It till You Make It
    Fake Tote Bags

    You are one moody broad. Some days, your nose is in the air like Snooty Spice. Others, you’re slumming like Trailer Park Tina. And every now and then, you just feel like Plain Old Jane.

    It’s for your type that Fake bags were made. The three-in-one totes were created in conjunction with a Korean art exhibit titled Wake Up Andy Warhol and poke fun at the obsession with brand names and mass production of knockoffs.

    One side of the thick canvas number features a drawing of a Louis Vuitton bag with fake written across it in bright orange. Reverse it to reveal another LV bag drawing with the word perfect underneath it. Or rotate it to show off a simple aqua number.

    Each bag comes with a kitschy, detachable award ribbon in fun color combos like navy and yellow or purple and green to spruce it up.

    Showing you’re a winner no matter what kind of mood you’re in.
  2. Funny!
  3. I'm sooo buying one!
  4. They're 80 USD and they are reversible. I think they are really funky and send a good statement about nasty fakes. They might be they new "it' bag for spring 2008 :nuts:
  5. Haha that's cute! :tup:
  6. Verry cuuute
  7. that's a fun bag..
  8. ew
  9. hope ot see someone modelling it...:supacool:
  10. cute
  11. LOL! How funny would it be to wear this tote on the "Fake" side while carrying a real Speedy??
  12. Funny, but i personally wouldn't use it. I think it's a little tacky.
  13. very funky indeed!!:smile:
  14. lmao