New vuitton shoes/boots

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  1. fall items..
    I'm :love: these

    And dang sexy!! :love: :love: :love:
  2. I like the ones in the first pic. The boots, not so much. I hate shoes that have too many logos on it. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Those peep toes......MMMMMmmmmmmmm SexAY!! I need those & I am pretty sure no man would argue against his gal having a pair of those.
  4. the first pair is gorgeous! thanks for sharing!
  5. The ankle boots are beautifull!!!
  6. :love:
    :lol: . I feel the same way...
  7. Love them both!!
  8. OMG!!! The first pair is TO DIE FOR!!!:nuts:
  9. Both Pair Of Shoes Are Gorgeous!!!!!!! I Really Like The Boots, Too! :smile:
  10. i really like the shoes in the first picture i think they look real elegant. *drools*
  11. OMG!!! I love that pump!!!
  12. Wow, I saw those yesterday online! The first ones are to die for!!! They look so elegant, and classy. The boots not so much too many logos! Thanks for posting, I am drooling!
  13. Love the first pic! :love: :love: :love:
  14. Ooooh I looove the open toed ones ! I've yet to take the shoe plunge, but perhaps sometime soon !! :love::love:
  15. i'm not that crazy about any of the fall shoes from the new catalog... and i am a shoe whore. maybe they will release something later this season from me to lust after...
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