New vs. Used Deception

  1. I recently bought a bag that was described as New with Tags & bought it on eBay because it was at a good price & liked the style. The seller was nice & I received it quickly only to find out that it is not new. There are no tags on it, the handle already has a slouch & there is slight darkening of the handle (underside). I would've never bought the bag had I known the predarkened handle. I feel deceived. I've already emailed her with my disappoint & I can take it up with eBay and Paypal. My question is: would this be considered as "significantly not as described"? (eBay terminolgy)
  2. yes, i think it can def. be considered as "significantly not as described"

    i would say that's a USED with tags or previously owned.
  3. Thats terrible its not as described at all you should definatly get a refund!
  4. Absolutely it is NOT AS DESCRIBED !!:wtf:
    There is a BIG difference between NEW WITH TAGS and USED !!!!:cursing:
  5. I say yes. In fact, I frequently see people describe as 'new with tags' when in fact it has been used. (You see in the write up below something like 'used only a few times'. While it may have only been used a few times, it is still USED. Just because you still HAVE the tags and it is in excellent condition, I don't think it qualifies as 'New with tags'. I think 'New with tags' implies NEVER USED. At least that's my opinion. I would make her give you a discount or a refund, depending on what you want to do.
  6. I, too, see this all the time and think its completely WRONG!

    If something is NWT, to me, that means that the only time it has come out of the dustbag is for photos or admiring.

    "As New, Mint, Good" is a different story (and ebay lets you put those type of words in the 'Condition' section) - at least you know that the bag has been used and then they can specify to what degree...

    I know that when I on-sell my bags, even if they show NO wear, I will not be describing them as New - because fact is, theyre not!

    I think you are entitled to a refund or a discount.

    Let us know how you go.
  7. It's too bad... I totally agree with this poster. There is a big problem IMO with Bbags and sellers overstating the condition of the bag whether new or used. I think it's pretty funny when I see a definitely used bag and the seller includes a photo of the tag attached inside. I don't know about anyone else, but when I decide to use and keep a bag I cut the tag. By not cutting the tag, I feel some sellers intend to get some use out of the bag and then sell as new.

    To OP, I hope you can resolve this with the seller. Good luck.
  8. I think this is a barn door deception . . .'new, with tags' is one of three options as I recall including 'new without tags' or 'used'. This is not only deception, but deception on quite a scale by the sounds of it. A SNAD claim is the way to go, or would be for me. . . Lots of luck.
  9. You should definitely seek out a refund or at the very least a discount. The bag is significantly different from what was described - even just due to the fact the bag came with no tags even though the auction said it would.
  10. Yes--new and mint are words that, if the item turns out not to be that, are the basis for SNAD.
  11. There is a big difference between new and used!!!
    What about if a seller lists a bag as gently used and the bag shows up with a really bad glue job repair on the handle??? ... and he doesn't accept returns, all sales are final????
  12. That is crazy. Big difference! If it was used you might not have purchased it, or what if you were buying it as a gift, are you going to give someone a tired used nasty bag? Geez. Did the seller offer money back?
  13. I have a problem with eBay's "new without tags" description. I think this is the option that people use mostly with counterfeit merchandise.
  14. I hate that NWT description, too. Who are these people who leave tags on their bags, USE them, then call them new on eBay? I won a bag that was "New" and when I received it, there was used make-up inside the zipped pocket. Yuck! Your description definitely sounds like SNAD. Good luck!
  15. Yes, new means new & unused!