New vs Old Vamp?

  1. Maybe this has been mentioned before. Started searching but way too much stuff on vamp. Anyway, has this shade changed? I had vamp polish, probably in early 90's and it was a dark purple, almost blue color, loved it! I purchased one a couple of mos ago and finally opened yesterday for a pedicure and looks more like a reddish purple? I remember on eBay there was something in regard to if purchased in US or Europe. Not sure if that made a difference.
  2. Yes - there is a difference. The old one (purplish-reddish-black) also had less shimmer than the new one sold in the states (which is also more reddish). I took a bottle of the old one in to compare to the new one and they are COMPLETELY different colors.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the one sold in Europe is more similar to the old US one. Also, I think the old one has Rouge Noir written on it....I'll go check.
  3. I can only say about the new one. I find it's much more of a deep red than anything else. No blackish undertones or anything. It's also V shiny, which I love. But mostly a pure, deep red.