new vs. "old" timeless kisslock clutch

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  1. Hi everyone, I was wondering what everyone thought of the new version of this clutch (which seems narrower, shorter, and has a straighter top) than the older version. My SA said the new style seems "more modern"---do you feel that it still will work for more dressy events? Thank you!
    Photos are from the web.

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  2. I prefer the old style, I have it and love it. But I think the new one is just as nice/dressy.
    Maybe easier to carry if you hold it from the top as well.
  3. Thank you for weighing in! Appreciate it! I've admired the older version and seen them for re-sale, but am trying to determine the pros and cons of new vs. old. Would definitely be using for more dressy occasions.
  4. I prefer the older version (own it too). I'm not particularly fond of the straight top on new versions. It just doesn't appeal to me because I have more of a casual lifestyle. I use my kids lock clutch during night outs with girls or date nights with SO. I think you guys are right the newer version is dressier. If I had a special event to go to, I'd get it. Lol. But I don't. Sighs. Gotta keep using them totes n WOCs and the like ....
  5. I too prefer the older version. I prefer the more rounded top but I agree they are both nice. I suppose just personal prefence. You can't go wrong with either. One of my favourite pieces!
  6. I like the old. The new, flat version isn't as charming. It reminds me of my grandmother's coin purse.
  7. I hope I don't sound crazy...

    Since the style is for dressier events, here's what I see mentally/to describe how I feel about the 2 different styles:
    • Original/rounder version: Gowns with ruffles/lace/flowy... glamour and romantic elegance
    • New/angular version: clean sharp while evening lady tux with high heels with hair tied back in a sleek way, and an emerald diamond ring
    Personally prefer the original version much more, it's also much more practical space wise as the shape provide a little bit more extra space for that lipstick or car key beyond the phone.

    Does anybody know if the new version is the only version available now? is it replacing the original/older version? TIA!!
  8. Interesting analysis! Makes sense! Dressy can be different styles and dictate different shaped bags.

    I also wonder if the older version is still available to buy new.
  9. I hate the new style. I searched and searched for the older version last summer but was unable to find it anywhere. Bummer...
  10. Me too!! I love mine - it's the old style in black lambskin. But that's not to say that the new one isn't nice, too, I just prefer the old...
  11. i have the new style in pink caviar. it's beautiful and i love it! i like that it is smaller than the original version and easier for me to carry (as i don't carry much for these dressier events anyway). i'm planning on using it when i go for high tea at the mandarin oriental so will post pictures of it.
  12. If I had to choose, I'd pick the old one. But the new one is also very nice too!
  13. I think both styles can be worn dressy. I own the old style & prefer that one over the new style
  14. Old, new looks like it's been smushed down to me, lol.
  15. When did they discontinue the old style? I had hope of picking one up in Paris next month.