New vs. Old Paddy's--Please help a newbie--Look at my pics

  1. Hi,

    There was a thread like this earlier but no one really addresed it.

    I thought about buying a Paddy a while back but was discouraged by the weight of the lock. Now I've found a great deal and great color on a used one

    In your opinion (b-cuz I'm new to Chloe) which paadies are better? The old ones from 05 or the new 06?

    I'm going to buy a used paddy from 05 and I hear that there are a few differences.

    The only one I know of now is the zipper. Supposedly the zippers on the new ones open fron the side? Anything else different?

    Has anyone had any problems with the way the old zippers work? B-cuz I'm a little confused about the difference.

    Is the leather the same quality on the 05's vs. the 06?
    Any help would be appreciated. Same leather? Same quality?

    Here's a pic of the one that I'm buying. Please let me know what you chole experts think!!




  2. Anyone? :worried: :worried: :worried:
  3. From what I know the only difference would be the zippers. The newer style detaches, and the older dosent. I think. Maybe someone else will be able to help you a little more.
  4. Thanks. Hopefully some others will post here too.

    What do yoy think of the color? I really like it. I 've never bought a Chloe before but I really like this color. It not too light and not too dark :nuts:
  5. It's a beautiful color and just perfect for spring/summer!
  6. I love this taupe color - very versatile and can wear with almost anything. I only have the '06 paddies so can't compare with the '05... I say go for it!
  7. Its a yellowish cream color.
  8. I have only heard GOOD things about the older Paddies...I looked at this one myself, and it belongs to someone here. For the price and the condition of the bag (not to mention a color that you can't get anymore), I say grab that Paddy! And then post pics for us when she arrives!
  9. I'm exited to get this bag. My first Chloe. I keep looking at pics. :love: :love:

    I was going to buy a Fendi Zucca Spy but I cancelled the order.
    I'm so much more exited about this bag than I was over the Fendi for some reason. And the price was so much better too!!! I just hope the weight of the lock isn't bothersome.

    I still can't beleive what a deal i got :nuts:

    This bag looks a bit more classy to me over the Zucca Spy and I just LOVE :love: the color. Did I mention that I love the color. :lol:

    I don't have any bags in my closet this color. I think this will match mostly anything.
  10. You are going to love it! CONGRATS! I think you made an excellent choice.
  11. ET - the pics are already posted above !!!
  12. How much was it?

  13. he he he :lol: Guess? LOL
  14. Anyone else know the difference between new and old paddy's?????:huh:
  15. Ok.
    I give up :worried:

    I guess there must not be a big difference otherwise I would have received more responses.:noworry: