NEW vs OLD design of PS1

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  1. Hello,

    Have you noticed the difference in the design of PS1 Bags? I am reffering to the logo tab that hangs on the side - on the old design it says PROENZA SCHOULER in caps lock, and on the new it says Proenza Schouler (normal font).

    In addition to that, the interior lining is also different - in old there is some kind of circular "wawe" pattern, usually all in black, and on the new design there is rectangular grey/black pattern with words "PROENZA SCHOULER".

    Does anybody knows are there any other differencies between those two designs, such as quality or hardware durability?

    I ask because they still seem to sell the old design on the official website so that confuses me.

    Any answers highly appreciated.

    Peter. :smile:
  2. Hey, thanks for sharing! I've just seen the threads, but they don't say anything about other changes. I've read somwhere here that the new design is also better/upgraded regarding the hardware and leather, and on that thread you sent me they say that old design is actually better.

    Do you have any opinions?
  3. Yes, PS has made small changes every season since they started with accessories in 2008-2009. It's probably from customer feedback and sales in the stores. The bags are getting better because of this and I recommend the latest season for the best durability. The earlier seasons also have their fans though.
  4. And if the bag is available on the official PS website it has to be the latest season, right? Even if it's a classic color (suede Tobacco)?

    That's what was strange to me. The bag is on the official website, the color is classic one, but it has old interior and hardware, is it remotely possible that the bag is before 2013??
  5. I checked the PS website and noticed that the Large PS1 in Navy suede shows the older style. :shrugs:

    If you purchase sale items in classic colors then there is a good chance that it will be an older bag. I purchased two sale items in black (from the official website) last November and both were pre-2013. Although I don't notice a difference in quality...I would be upset if I paid full price and received a bag that was obviously an earlier design.
  6. Cathead87, thanks for your reply.

    I aggree completely and would also be upset if I paid the full price for an older item.

    Since this is a classic color and is no longer available as I can see, I don't mind the old design as long as the bag itself is in pristine, unused and perfect condition.
    That's actually my biggest fear right now. I've just purchased it and really hope it will be new and "fresh" (if you know what I mean) because, and let's be reasonable, it is a bag that has been in some warehouse for almost 3 years.

    One last thing I don't understand - how come that bag hasn't been sold earlier??

    Hope for the best, will definitely keep you updated!
  7. Sorry, I forgot to quote you, my reply is above. :smile:
  8. Just wanted to update you that the bag I got is actually the new design.
    The photos on the online boutique were the older design, but all the bags should be new one according to the customer service.