New vs. Gently Pre-Owned

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  1. I'm curious what peoples feelings are on this subject ...
    if you're not going to collect a bag but are buying to use it
    would you prefer brand spanking new or would you take a pre-owned bag in excellent condition that has already lightly honey patina'd.

    I know if it were only a small amount of money difference probably what most would say but if you could save more then say $300 would you?

    I love the super white virgin vachetta .. however find myself afraid to use it until it's darkened at least a little .. so if I bought used wouldn't have to worry about that as it would be a little less fragile.

    This is a hypothetical question mainly .. but was curious what others feelings on the issue were.

    I do have a bag I'm considering selling that is vhtf if not sold out (was limited) that I do see a few popping up on eBay that are new new .. mine has been carried twice and has darkened a tad but otherwise perfect. So am thinking .. would I have to take a loss to sell .. kwim?
  2. I have sold bags that were brand new, never used because I couldn't bring myself to use them and put that first mark or water-spot on. Since then, I have found my 'niche' with pre-owned. I can immediately start using it without any anxiety
  3. 1st choice is to buy new but don't mind buying "pre-loved" if I am saving enough moeny to make worth it and I know for sure it is real.
  4. I prefer to buy new but if I can get it for over 40% off, I will. I don't like eBay anymore because the fakers are becoming so good but I love buying off our marketplace. At least then I know it is authentic and was treated with the same care that I treat my bags.
  5. I prefer new, but pre-loved is alright as long as it's in great shape. My new damier speedy was preloved-- but used less than a dozen times, and over a hundred dollars off retail. I think that's a great deal.

    I find I'm not a fan of patina...
  6. I prefer New.
  7. I prefer new only because I LOVE looking and using the bag while the vachetta is still so nice and light. I also like the piece of mind that I KNOW my bag and is real and the experience of buying from a store.
  8. I love getting new but I don't mind pre-loved as long as it was gently used & I know it's authentic.
  9. I have no problem buying used when I can save lots.
  10. As long as the pre-owned is authentic, is in excellent shape, and a great deal, I would have no problems buying one.
  11. All my bags I bought new except for one- the cerises sac plat from let-trade. I was a little skeptical about buying used (I knew it was authentic from let-trade) but there was the possibility of odors, scratches, etc. I was very pleased and used it right away, I was not nervous about brand new vachetta and stains. I bought a brand new perfo speedy in the same week and I still have not used it yet, it's just to perfect. I did treat the handles so I will use her next.
    I guess my point is, I will buy used if it's a great deal and I know it will be authentic.
  12. This is my kind of thread bec. I am now switching from buying new to buying used. I bought my batignolles vertical(bv) new and boy has it taken a beating on the straps only, I take care of my bags. But how I regret not getting that bag used, then again I probably would have only saved 200 dollars, still to me that's a savings. The other bags I bought new I have NO regrets and would buy them new again. Those are my speedy 30's in mono and damier. I know I will keep them forever so it's a good investment for me. Plus it was very hard to find a damier speedy 30 on eBay when I was buying mine and a mono speedy 30 in mint condition was practically retail as well when I bought mine, but I would still buy those two bags in particular new again.

    My mono pap 30 I bought used and it def. has a broken in feel which I like on a mono bag, I don't like it to look stark white w/ stiff leather bec. then it could look fake and I think it's more comfortable when it's a bit broken in. I had a huge savings on that one, I bought it for about $500 and the retail is $875, so that's like over 400 I saved!

    So in short...or long as this post is getting quite long, lol, I think it's wise to get new if you plan on keeping it forever, but used if you think you will tire of it, this way when you resell it, you won't lose that much money on it. The prices are always increasing but some bags don't hold their value and are just much cheaper on ebay(mono petit bucket, damier marais, petit noe, mc speedy/alma, epi speedy 25, mono papillon 30/25, neo speedy) those are some styles that are going for much less on ebay and don't have that great of resale value.
  13. No problem buying pre-owned as long as I know it's authentic. I also prefer patina over brand new vachetta so it's a win/win for me.
  14. Being used does not bother me as long as the bag looks good and has a light patina. I would prefer new but I am certainly not made of money. In fact all of my bags that I currently own were pre-loved, but I am getting ready to get a brand spanking new bag as soon as I make up my mind.:p
  15. I don't mind getting a gently pre-owned purse as long as the price is right!