New VS 100 ways bra

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  1. OMG 100 ways!!!
  2. Wow, what an interesting idea..I hope it's not out of stock for too long.
  3. Ooh that one looks good - thanks for posting it. I think I'm going to order it.

    Just to clarify, though, the padding is completely removeable? If the pad's out, are you left with a light lining - enough to hide any nipple action ? thanks in advance.

  4. Well, here's my experience with the bra....

    Yes, the padding comes out. I love the different convertible ways.

    There are three different sizes of "cleavage" that you can have, by using the different size clear spacers between the two cups.

    From my personal experience I like the largest middle strap. It gives you great cleavage, but it is more of a separated cleavage, if that makes sense. Not like, pushed up in your face and squished together.

    In any case, the only problem that I have with it, is the nipple action. When you wear it on the largest middle section, sometimes, well, they like to pop out.

    But, it is a really good bra, and I love it.

    (Sorry if that conversation did get a bit dirty, lol.)
  5. It would be nice to way on hand, especially in the summer. I wonder if it's comfy?
  6. ROFL... omg this is too funny.. thanks for the info!! I'm going to give it a try. did it run true to size with your other VS bras? I know some styles can run small/big.
  7. argh- vs needs to start making freaking dd's again! i SO needed this bra, too...
  8. they stopped?! wtf? I'm not a dd, but... i wouldn't think it's that uncommon of a size... bummer.
  9. sounds like a great bra. i love it's versatility. i want one!
  10. well, from my experience in store and online, they make dd in VERY limited quantities and styles. in store, all i see are full coverage ones in dd (ie, nothing cute).
  11. btw happy birthday hats!
  12. I was curious about this as well. I'm wondering if it gives as awesome support as the Secret Embrace line which is my personal fav.
  13. I tried this bra on at the didn't give me a lift or cleavage like their other convertible bras. I personally did not like the bra because of that...I will still buy it because of all the ways you can wear it, and just create a lift and cleavage with one of those silicon stuffers.