New VPs- Exchange or Keep Them?

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  1. I got my VP Black Leather w/ Burgandy Toe. I am noticing my right shoe seems a bit smaller than my left. There is tighntness in the toe box area and my toes are poking out more. I got these shoes in my usual 39, which is a half size bigger from mytrue size. However, the left shoe does fit perfectly.
    I am confused. I don't whether to call BG and tell them to send me another pair in the same size or if I should go 1/2 a size up. Or if should I keep these and hope they will stretch?


  2. There does look to be a noticeable difference in size - if this isn't usual for you I would ask for another pair :yes:
  3. seems like they will stretch a bit. Do you have any idea how the larger pair fits?

    Actually, I can't tell if one shoes looks bigger than the other, but you could always exchange for the same size, yes. That might work, because it might just be that pair of shoes.
  4. No idea, but the left shoe(39) fits me perfectly. So I am worried if I get a pair of 39.5 then they might be too big.
  5. I would ask for another pair of 39s - it may just be something specific to that pair that you have??
  6. Oooh, okay, karwood. I would definitely exchange for the same size then.
  7. Yeah I agree - exhange for another pair - looks like they made a boo boo on the sizing with that right one to be honest with you!
  8. I called BG and put in an order to exchange them for the same size. The CS made a point to tell me some people are born with feet that are slightly bigger than the other. I told her that was not my issue since I have almost 20 pairs of CLs all in size 39, and ALL my left and right shoes fit me perfectly.
  9. I totally agree. Exchange them. This will bug you forever.
  10. I'd exchange them too.
  11. u know, the tortoise VPs i just got fit me really tightly on the right foot and perfect on the left foot as well. i just chocked it up to maybe my right foot is somehow bigger, but i remember now when i first started trying on VPs at saks nyc, each pair felt slightly different in fit and i was told that because they're handmade they're bound to have tiny variations. so ...i'd definitely exchange them for a new pair in the same size and hope they fit the same. doesn't make sense to go up a size if it fits your left foot perfectly!!
  12. That is so weird, the same thing just happened to me yesterday!

    I tried on VPs for the first time at Saks, and I tried on a 40 on my right foot and it fit perfectly and then I put the left one on and my toes were hanging over a little. It was so frustrating. They didn't have the 40.5 in stock so I couldn't compare them. The salesman told me that he thought my left foot might be more narrow and so my foot was sliding forward more.

    I am not sure if I will ever be able to get the VPs. With the peep toe I am finding it very hard to get a size big enough for my toes that doesn't slip off my heel. I may need to just stick with closed toe shoes :sad:.
  13. afcgirl it sounds like you have EXACTLY the same problem I have with these! Either too short in the toe box or too big in the heel! It's soooo annoying isn't it?!
  14. Karwood - let us know how the new pair from BG turn out! These shoes are :cloud9:!!!!!