New Violette Vernis question..

  1. Which LV styles are or will be available in this color? I saw Bellevue and didn't like the style. Thanks!!
  2. There will be the reade in violette vernis and the roxbury. I don't know exactly about the small leather goods...
  3. I spoke with an SA last week who advised me that Violette would come in the Roxbury Drive, Reade PM, Sunset Blvd, Zippy, Pochette Wallet, 4-key holder, French Purse, and a couple more small leather goods (I forgot which ones) and of course the Bellevue.
  4. My SA thought that they were also going to produce the Houston as well.
  5. There's a violette cles, but it's a bit larger than the regular vernis cles - there's more room to put stuff in it. Someone just displayed theirs here. It's soo pretty!