New violet MU clutch w/my PT

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  1. Well she finally arrived from BNY:tup:. I had her shipped out UPS Ground, took about a week. Not too bad since there was a holiday.

    Here are a couple of photos of my new MU clutch with my violet PT. My MU is a lot darker then my PT.

    My PT is breaking in pretty good. I guess she is about a month old now.
  2. Forgot the photos
    S4010027.JPG S4010028.JPG
  3. the pictures are not showing up?
  4. So yummy and gorgeous! The burst of color is amazing! Congrats on the stunning bags/color. My RH Violet City arrives tomorrow and after seeing these pics, I won't be able to sleep for anticipation of it's delivery tomorrow morning!
  5. HC- call me...
  6. Thank you! you will LOVE your violet city!!!! It is a great color. So far it has gone with everything I have worn.
  7. congrats! love the family violet pictures. they are both so pretty!
  8. :huh:oh very very nice... congrats!!! :tup:
  9. Thanks, I can't wait for it to arrive! Though I must admit that I think that this color POPS more with the GH, like yours. I got the RH only because I have 2 GH bags and a 3rd would be too much of the GH. I LOVE yours with the GH.............You definitely have the better bag!!!
  11. OMG :drool: That is one stunning bag!
    I love how deep and vibrant the colour is..and the slouchy!

    Enjoy :heart:
  12. HC- so lovely...the leather looks great on your make-up clutch and of course the :pparttime
  13. Thanks all. Thanks Ally for posting the photo in a bigger size. how do you do that please?
  14. Oh my,my,my you are damn lucky!!! Arghhhh! Oooh! Eeeek! Phraw!
  15. Boy your Part Time & clutch are absolutely Beautiful...
    I envy you! Congrats!!