NEW violet GGH or GSH

  1. Does anyone know if the new giant hobo in violet will have gold or silver hardware?
  2. I've seen the Giant Hobo in Violet with Gold GH and it is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. ooohh!! Sounds gorgeous!! Would love to see a pic of this combo if anyone has one!!! :wtf:
  4. I've also seen the violet hobo with gold hardware and it is fabulous! I am on several waitlists just hoping to my hands on this hottie!
  5. Where have you guys been seeing this? Is there a photo somewhere?!?

    ICB - which do you prefer, violet w/silver GH or violet w/gold GH?
  6. I saw the violet with gh combo in the trunk show. I loved it!!! My friend thought it looked too disco though.
  7. Fiat, I saw it at the Bal Trunk show...that was the exact sample: Gold GH Hobo in Violet.

    I haven't seen Violet with Silver GH but I can't imagine it being even more gorgeous than Gold GH. The Violet has more red in it, making Gold the perfect combo.
  8. I saw several pics from the lookbook at Nordstrom and I really love it. There was never any shots of the SGH, so I don't know if that combo will exist. I am hoping that the violet hobo will make me feel better about never getting that bag in FB.
  9. Chuggie- you mean our "local" Nordstroms? If so, I'm hightailing it over there this weekend!!! :nuts:

    ICB - the Gold/Violet sound gorgeous ... do you have an opinion yet on which GH will look best on the Jaune?
  10. With jaune i am sticking with gold gh. I just think the yellow really works well on that combo. I have seen the jaune with silver and unfortunately it didnt do anything for me. Are you thinking of getting something with sgh?
  11. Well, I was hoping to be won over by some color w/silver GH, but looks like I may be waiting until S/S '08 for that. I must always have those colors that "pop" - so I don't think any of the other F/W colors are going to do it for me.

    I'm thinking perhaps Bubblegum Pink or Sage Green will look good w/SGH...or is that just a pipe dream? ;)
  12. Thanks ladies I am on the wait list all over the place for the giant violet hobo so I can't wait!! I am dying to have this bag!! Glad to see there are other Giant hobo lovers here it's been getting such a bad rap!
  13. Anyone know the arrival date of violet. I'm dying over here for my PT
  14. October. Seriously- that's what I heard. September maybe? :confused1:
  15. Yes, Fiat, our "local" Nordies has some okay pics in their fall designer books (i.e. they aren't fantastic photos, but you can get the idea of the bag). The SAs love to bring it out and look at the Balenciaga bags. The book doesn't show every color/style combo, but it does show the violet (violine) in the GGH Hobo. When you look at the book, you can also see the estimated delivery dates and the quantity ordered by Nordies. I was very dismayed to see how few bags they actually plan to get in each style/color.

    In fact, I was just there today doing a bit of pre-anniversary sale shopping. I always stop by handbags and go through their books for fun.