New Violet and Yellow Colors for Fall - How Bright is TOO Bright?

  1. Just wondering...Rouille is the only "bright" color in my family, and I got that because I love orange-red combinations. Everything else is a complementary color, not a stand-out color.

    Now the Violet and Yellow are coming out, and it seems that EVERYONE is going to get either one or both...I love both but it's hard to picture myself carrying such intensely bright colors. I was thinking a Violet Mini Bowling would be fun, and maybe a Yellow Twiggy at first, but now I'm already backing away -- maybe a Yellow Make Up instead.

    For all you members with the really bright colors -- eggplant, magenta, turquoise, marigold, etc. -- how do you do it? How do you LIVE UP TO THE COLOR OF THE BAG?
  2. By wearing blacks and neutrals :smile:
  3. I plan on getting both of those new colors. I think they are too fabulous to pass up in BBag leather. :yes: :heart:

    Having said that I think it really depends on your style and your confidence. When I wear bright bags I do one of two things.

    I either wear all neutral clothes and just go nuts with my Bag, shoes and jewelry.


    I wear a completely crazy mixed up outfit and carry a bright bag. I usually get a ton of compliments when I do that. But I'm a jewelry designer and my style is very eclectic, bold and over the it works for me.

    :supacool: :love:
  4. I feel exactly the same way, highgloss! I'm adoring these colors and can't wait to see them but I know the same thing will happen as usual, I'll back out of it because I can't imagine myself carrying around a purple bag with my usual wardrobe.

    I used to wear brighter, crayola-crazy outfits but I've toned down now to a subdued grouping of colors and don't want my bag taking away from my outfit, so I'm torn. Usually, I wear a lot of: black, grey, brown, tons of oatmeal/beige, lavender, soft pinks, very little blue except jeans. We may just have to try it and see. I know, highgloss, you buy a yellow, I'll buy a purple and we'll switch and see how we can take it, how about that!!
  5. Other than red, I don't have a really bright Bbag, but I do have a purple and mustard yellow color from other designers. I love that the bags stand out and I always get compliments on both colors. They dress up an otherwise neutral outfit.
  6. Sometimes my handbag gives the only shot of colour to my outfit...I live in black (at work) and jeans (for play). I can't wait for a violet City!
  7. Ooohhhh, never too bright! I think it depends on your style, personality, what colors of clothes you typically wear & how much you want people to look at you (or your bag:drool: )

    My clothes are pretty neutral & I don't wear alot of bright crazy prints so I want my bag to make a statment & pull an outfit together. The bright colors just make me happy:p I want more!!
  8. I don't think the new yellow and purple colors will be too bright.
    And I can tell you FOR SURE that I'll be buying both.
  9. ME TOO!!!!!!!! I tend to wear either black or jeans so this is the only way I add colour to my outfit! I think it may be a bit more difficult for girls that have more diversity to their wardrobe!!!
  10. Thought I would post the photos here so we could see them w/o going back to the other thread:



    I am wanting a violet City w/silver GH :love: , but think the jaune might be too bright for me. I stick mostly to neutral clothing and think the 'pop' of this violet will be great for fall.
  11. I'm loving both these colors, and I usually steer clear of things I consider too loud or bright. The Jaune would accent a black/grey/beige wardrobe quite nicely, and the Violet would go with anything from blacks to jeans to just about anything else, IMO! I will definitely check them both out and see how the leather is in the fall:yes:
  12. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  13. I agree, slinkies. These are the types of colors many of us have been waiting for. At long last....
  14. And me too! I love them! :yahoo:

    The Violet doesn't look too bright - say compared to Magenta - much more muted but still FUN! I am really excited about these colours and I will defo get both. They will look great with jeans and black or white top :yes:
  15. i'll defininitely want the violet not sure about the yellow just yet. but it would make a nice color in a twiggy or something small. i wouldn't get the yellow in a big size. that's just me.