New Vince fall line for preorder

  1. The entire collection is yummy! As usual, lots of cashmere and beautiful neutrals...

    I just pre-ordered a tweed coat (can't wait until yikes!! september!!)

    What do you all think? I think it will be worth the wait though.
  2. Great coat! I love Vince--especially their jackets. They fit beautifully. Your new coat will be the perfect backdrop for an incredible bag. Congrats!
  3. I saw his trunkshow collection - I am so tempted to pre-order. I really liked the turtleneck black dress, and one of the sweaters. Anyway, your coat is beautiful.
  4. I love Vince clothes. Really classic, clean lines in gorgeous neutral colors. Beautiful coat!
  5. Can someone tell me if there is a Vince website? I tried googling but nothing comes up. Are their jackets true to size? i am in the Uk and am looking to get a leather jacket. i may have to order it online from NM or Saks but am worried abt the sizing. What is their quality and fit like, esp the leather jackets?

    btw, is does Shopbop sell authentic merchandise?

  6. Hi Muppy!

    Yep, Shopbop sell authentic stuff, their promo and discount codes are virtually non-existant though. I'm trying to find a Vince cardigan which is selling out everywhere. Good luck with your search for the jacket. The quality of the clothing I saw was fabulous (although it would want to be for the price)

    BTW - I'm a UK 12 and the M fits me in tops, so I suppose that's fairly true to size. Although as I have big boobies I needed a L in the jacket I tried on.
  7. Thanks Cal. I notice that you are located in europe. Do you know of any online european sites that sell Vince stuff? Do they have any stores in europe? If i get the jacket, i have to buy it from the US and customs and all that is going to be a problem. thanks
  8. Sorry Muppy, I have no idea on European stockists. I've also been trying to find a local seller too. I bought the cardigan last week when I was in NY and am kicking myself for not buying another one. I've been in contact with a store in San. Francisco who have a couple of things instore and they post overseas - Azalea Boutique Shopping, San Francisco - Azalea Online.

    I'm sure customs will get their mitts on it before I do though :sad:

    If I do find any info I'll PM you!