New Video . . . Lovestoned by Justin Timberlake

  1. Saw it on television this morning. I like it too!
  2. i love this song.
  3. love the song. what the heck, love HIM! but i haven't gotten around to watching the video yet
  4. loved it! i love his 2nd album :smile: wish i could see him on tour.
  5. ^^ i'm hoping to go to his concert! but since i'm so late to get the tickets (they started selling in april but because of conflict the earliest i could find out if i could go or not was may) but i've just been too lazy but i'm pushed back to the 3rd section (very far away from the stage) but i still want to go
    is he making a stop at your town?
  6. love him:love:!! saw him in concert, he was sooo good!!
    so talented!
  7. ^^ i know, really!! he's just so..... :heart:
  8. I saw him in concert a couple months ago and I'm going again in September! He is awesome live!