New video featuring "spring" collection

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  1. Okay, they posted on FB that there's a new YouTube video. Wonderful, except that it seems to feature several bags that are FALL 09 bags (grey and purple shine Trophy Satchels, yam shine Trophy...)

    Seriously? And I saw nothing yellow. So, there's no longer anything being produced in butter? And what WAS fall is now spring? What on earth is going on? And why do I still care?!
  2. They have lots of pics up on FB, just posted today I think. Lots of new spring items!
  3. I'm going to go check that out. Maybe that will make me feel better. Awfully weird to have a new video about the spring collection featuring old fall pieces.....
  4. No taupe Clara hobo????
  5. Not that I've seen. :sad: Really bummed about that one!
  6. I saw a taupe something - not Clara, I don't think.

    I love the new pics, but it doesn't make me feel any better about their availability.

    So depressing.
  7. i didn't see the taupe clara hobo on the facebook pics, pigalle. there were a couple of items in butter, fabae.
  8. i am really sad that they're not producing the clara hobo. i had preordered a phantom black shine one.
  9. OMG I soooo hope they still produce this! Since all the most popular/anticipated fall styles are just coming out maybe we're looking at a late spring/early summer roll out of the spring havanas, biblios, etc.? And if they're going to be the sole HH retailer it makes sense I guess that they would do an extended roll out.
  10. why would they not produce the clara hobo? I'm so bummed, that's the only bag I wanted for spring10...:sad:
  11. I hope you're right pae!! Crossing my fingers!
  12. And thorne biblio!
  13. Here's the link to this new HH YouTube video, just in case anyone wants it :smile:

    I saw some butter in the FB photos...
  14. you can also check out the pics on their facebook page without logging on.
  15. wow, so the shine trophies and trophy satchels are up as spring....but there is a vesuvius cuff in black and in poppy....