New Victoria Secret Model?

  1. I just read that New York Daily News say that Ashlee Simpson will be the new face of Victoria's Secret.
    She will be advertising for the VS line 'Pink'.
    She beat out the finalist Kelly Clarkson to become the face of VS.

    I haven't seen her lately but wasn't she a little thick to be a lingerie model? Trust me, I would love NORMAL women model their line but I thought they only used PERFECT models.

    Do you think Ashley would make a good VS model?
  2. no, she's not "thick" at all, in fact, I saw the making of her video and she looks teeny to me, she was a boxer in the video.
    I guess that's why she's lost some weight, bleached her hair and got her schnoz worked on!
  3. I don't think Ashlee's thick at all! She lost a lot of weight in the past few months! I'd love to see her as a new VS face! I think she'd be perfect for PINK!
  4. Ashlee is not thick, Kelly is...I guess that's why she didn't get it. Kelly is more popular with the teens than Ashlee.

    Ashlee is a blond and has that angelic face.
  5. These are my thoughts on this topic::hysteric::throwup: :censor:
  6. I love Kelly to Death (I have been listening to her CD nonstop)... but the girl has no bust line. Ashlee does so she wins by default.
  7. LOL :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Well..Can't they find someone else??
  8. I think they should of chosen Kelly. Ashlee simpson annoys me alot.Both Simpsons do:yucky: :sleepy:
  9. I like Ashlee. Prettier than Kelly too..
  10. Why not both??? Could have drawn in those who like either one...
  11. I have more respect for Kelly Clarkson who can at least sing as for Ashley, I think everyone could also look great if they get a nose job, hair extensions & who knows maybe lipo as well.... Bad choice for VS in my opinion
  12. i like kelly much more then ashley but i think kelly is too "curvy" for vs which is probably why she didnt get it bc after ashlee on SNL kelly is definitely the pick as far as ppl genuinely liking/respectiing... maybe ashlee's dad :throwup:pulled some strings :lol:
  13. WTH is going on with the world????? I have nothing against Ashley (besides her annoying voice and pedestrian songs) but COME ON!!!! They could not find someone more sophisticated??????

    My apologies in advance to her fans, friends and family.
  14. :shrugs: Oh hell no!!!!!:shrugs:
  15. :lol: Exactly! :throwup: