NEW Victoria Beckham *PICS*

  1. :smile:
    vic_heathrowtony8.jpg vic_heathrowtony18.jpg vic_heathrowtony38.jpg vic_nyaftershopping8.jpg vic_nydinnermidtown1.jpg vic_nydinnermidtown3.jpg vic_nydinnermidtown9.jpg vic_nyaftershopping3.jpg vic_nycphotoshoot3.jpg vic_nycphotoshoot4.jpg
  2. She looks gorgeous in that black dress! Love the MJ leopard bag
  3. Can this woman be any more gorgeous??????
  4. I am not a dress person but I can see myself rocking all four outfits!!!:nuts: Esp. HATS!!! I LOVE HATS!!!:love:
  5. That Leopard bag, is it Marc Jacobs?
  6. Woops, Pelinaka just posted that it is, thanks! I want to get it, it's prettier than the LV one
  7. LOVE her Louboutins!!!
  8. she looks beautiful.
  9. She is a gorgeous woman.. but in the last pics her legs look sickly.. def. a turn off... ick!
  10. She is so insanely HOT!! Love her!
  11. She's looking hot !!!
  12. she's a great fashionista, but even i gave a grimace when i saw her legs in the last two photos. and photos add 10 pounds. can you imagine how skinny she must be in person?
  13. Yeah, me too:drool:
  14. She looks incredible!! Love the hat, and I REALLY love the trouser/suspender combo!!!!!!

    Any info on the web about that bag??
  15. I love her Marc Jacobs bag and Christian Louboutins!