New Victoria Beckham Pics

  1. love her bag :love:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. wow the shorts are a lil short but hey this is VB we are talking about here. I think she looks good.
  3. I swear, can't the woman leave the house without her ass cheeks hanging out? :shocked:

    Love the bag though;)
  4. she looks hot but her feet and toes look like they are shriveling up......
  5. Her boobs scare me. And so does her hair.
  6. Well.....the bag is nice!!
  7. OMG, she is nuts, but it works for her. Her legs are 100% perfection.

    She has some really long toenails, though! That's kinda gross...
  8. Manolo Maven, I was thinking the exact same thing! You'd think she'd be on a regular pedicure schedule!!
  9. Put some clothes on!
  10. Is she sharing clothes with her children? Are times that tough for her?:oh:

    :heart: the bag!

  11. Great pics! That blue jean birkin is HOT. rosemary, you should post these in the Hermes forum if you haven't done so already. We have a thread in there devoted just to Victoria and all of her wonderful Hermes bags.
  12. ass hanging out much?? and her unnatural implants continue to bother me
  13. Thinking the same thing! I'm sure it is to hold onto her shoes though. Those looks like they may be a little slippery:yes:
  14. I have t be honest. Just 2 years ago she was elegant. I think shes lost touch with reality and forgotten what natural is. The nails, the over skinny legs, the comedy boobs, the weird over styled hair. Shes going to grow old to look ike Ivana Trump.

    Why cant she chill out, relax a little? Shes naturally gorgeous! shoes and bag.
  15. I think maybe she's going through an age crisis or something wherein she doesn't want to admit that she's growing older. I do agree with LondonBrat that some time ago, she dressed very chic and elegant. However, in more recent pics, it seems as though she's becoming like Pam Anderson.