NEW Victoria Beckham *PICS* in NYC!

  1. I WANT THAT CHANEL BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. :love:
  3. I love her simple elegance yet she looks modern as well. Is that a contradiction? Well she looks great. Thanks for the pics LV addict.
  4. More great pictures! Just love her!
  5. Love the bag and her!
  6. does anyone know which chanel bag is this?
  7. That is who Catherine McPhee reminds me of.
  8. Love the bag...hate the sunglasses...
  9. don't really care for the glasses- but everything else is perfection! I wish I could see the outside of the bag.

    I wonder how long she is in town for.
  10. You are very welcome, ladies! Always happy to share!:biggrin:
  11. I want to say something catty because she so thin its not cute:sick: ....but then shes always so well put-together and so well-groomed that i just shuuuuuuush instead :amazed:

    all hail queen victoria i guess :idea:
  12. Lovin' that bag!:love:
  13. Her and her bags always looks great! =)
  14. wow! i guess she's looking a bit better! totally love the bag!
  15. she's so elegant and classy. i love her conservative style.