NEW Victoria Beckham *PICS* in Madrid and Rome

  1. Some new pics of VB in Madrid picking up kids to school.:graucho:
    vicmadrid.jpg vicmadrid1.jpg
  2. And in Rome for for the Baptism of Elle MacPherson and Arpad Busson's son, Aurelius Cy Andrea Busson.
    2pyqnx0.jpg 04386796fi9.jpg 04386800zw5.jpg 04386803gb0.jpg untitledfddfrq4.JPG
  3. she is always stylish.. i hope she gains some more weight though, she is too skinny..
  4. I love that dress! So cute!
  5. Seems to me that she has gained a bit weight. :yes:

    Love her hairdo! :love:
  6. She always looks so stylish!! ... and I love that MJ leopard bag on her! I don't think I could pull it off (and the price tag doesn't help either).

    BTW, did anyone notice in the 2nd, 4th and 5th Rome pictures that there is a woman near VB carrying the MJ leopard bag and pairing it with CL's leopard/cheetah shoes?
  7. Yeh, she looks great!! She must love that leaopard skin bag, she always has it!!!
  8. More pics from Rome: Inside the church.
    11111.jpg 22222.jpg 6666666.jpg 7777777.jpg
  9. VB with long time friend MaryLou:
    33333333.jpg 55555555.jpg 444444444.jpg
  10. Yes, that is her best friend, MaryLou! Maybe the items were VB's!!!:nuts:
  11. Great pics, love the dress! :heart:
  12. Wow great pics! i love love love the leopard shoes and bag together! I don't know its for me either but its fun eye candy! I love the name arpad too!
  13. Once again that outfit screams you,Irene!
  14. Gosh. Seriously she is the most beautiful woman in the world IMO!
  15. Great pics! VB looks great! What a gorgeous group at the baptism!