NEW Victoria Beckham *PICS* in her FABULOUS Bentley Continental!

  1. I don't think you can get any more POSH than this!!!:love:
    victoriabeckham07506015dv.jpg victoriabeckham07506029kj.jpg victoriabeckham07506042xc.jpg victoriabeckham07506060hk.jpg
  2. VB looks hot as usual.
    That Prada bags does look huge now, but it`s a great looking bag!
  3. god that car is AMAZING! and not to mention a lil expensive...LOL. go vic!
  4. She looks fantastic, but this raised a question to me: How well do people really walk in shoes that high? I would love to and I can't seem to walk very far in them. Is this normal?
  5. She looks great but IMO that bag overwhelms her.
  6. She's looks great.Her jeans are perfect...i've been looking for ones that are like capri's but at the same time skinny jeans.I saw ones on Lindsay Lohan but when I looked closer at the picture of Lindsay's she had just taken a pair of skinny jean and she got them shorter to make them more like capri's.

    her bag is fabulous too!
    thanks for posting once again LV_addict! :flowers:
  7. Man! How much money do the Beckhams have LOL! I love the bag!!
  8. Poshtabulous!
  9. my friend has that car, its beautiful and so sleeeeeeeeeeeek
  10. She looks fab there.....great pics!!
  11. She looks unbelievable! Victoria is such an amazing woman! And that outfit is just so fabulous!
  12. um in the 3rd pic she reminds me of the terminator. ok maybe not the actual machine but at least the chick in the movie!
  13. She looks hot, but the bag looks a little too big
  14. VB always looks SO perfect! And I want her prada bag... it's TDF :love:
  15. niiiiice carrr!! :yes: :heart:
    how doe she always look adorable?!?